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Robert Tanu (2017-09-13)

happy birthday images artsy It was only with difficulty that Christina could arrange her thoughts and sentences. But the picture-loving receptionist knew at once. "Yes, it's a pity, you can not do anything, please send your best wishes to your mother. Yes, thank you, for listening. Beatrice wrapped a blonde curl around her left hand finger and gently stroked her arched belly with her right hand. Thoughtfully, she whispered to the struggling desert: "My little torturer, this was the fourth cancellation within half an hour, and our good old Frau Wunn has reported herself sick today." When the phone was ringing again, Beatrice Schwarzkopf knew that everything was different on this day.

Christina had lovingly covered her mother and folded her hands over the duvet. Three extra-strong sleeping pills would put her mother in a long low sleep. Now she had to take care of Jessica. With tears in her eyes, she kissed the peaceful face, "Sleep well, Mom, do not worry, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Professor Eckstein enjoyed the hot coffee. For the first time on this day, he felt peace and contentment. He set the cup down, leaned back in the heavy leather chair, and looked at St. Joseph's church, the church, the town hall, the old tower-how peaceful it all looked! Professor Eckstein had come to a decision. His first impulse was to strictly shut down the St Mary's Hospital and keep it all secret. Finally, no less was at stake than the clinic's good reputation. But after careful consideration and consideration of all the arguments, he had decided on the opposite strategy. The memory of the disaster with the SARS virus was still too fresh. Professor Eckstein had learned the lesson. Just no cover-up! Only unsparing openness was able to prevent immeasurable consequences. Do not bother, do not panic, do not exaggerate - openness, objectivity, competence, decision-making, resolute action. happy birthday images artsy.

First, Professor Eckstein contacted the Ministry of Health, then with the State Criminal Investigation Office, the Secretary of State for Internal Security, the Supreme Council of the Landesmedienanstalten, and finally with the Prime Minister.

In an unprecedented perfection the threads were pulled in secret. Within a few hours, the responsible state and federal ministries, state and federal criminal offices, intelligence services, disaster control, the Bundeswehr, NATO, the European Union, the World Health Organization and birthday images research institutes around the world were informed. The emergency plans were put into force around the world. The region was hermetically sealed off within a radius of 50 kilometers. The cross-border cooperation between Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lorraine, Alsace and Luxembourg ran smoothly. happy birthday images artsy.

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